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Ben Tennyson had zoned out before hitting the Omnitrix, Big Chill taking off into the sky.

The giant moth alien had been doing significant damage around Venture City. It was time he was stopped.
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[Scenario A]

The blue alien was starting to go on a rampage. Where before he'd stop a bad guy and then eat whatever metal was nearby, now he was eating it wherever he went. In less than two days, he'd eaten a car wash, its sign, and a giant metal statue of a cartoon character eating a burger.

Big Chill--and by extension Ben 10--was swiftly becoming less a hero and more of a menace.

Right now, he was snacking on a skyscraper's exposed girders.

[Scenario B]
Ben walked along as if in a trance. There were dark circles under his eyes from apparently restless nights that he couldn't remember clearly. On top of that, he'd found himself waking up in a ditch more often that not nowadays. He was tired and even hungrier than usual. Sometimes he just blanked out at random points in the middle of the day.

Of course, should someone bother him, he'd be irritable and snappish and nowhere near like his normal self. And if someone picked a fight with him, he'd be more than happy to take them up on it. He'd even been getting into trouble at school because of it.

[Scenario C - Gwen Tennyson Only]
"I really appreciate you coming over to talk to him," Sandra told her niece. "He just hasn't been himself lately. Getting into fights at school, ditching class, snapping at us...I know teenagers can be difficult, but it's like a pod person has taken over for my son."

While she and Carl could be very hands-off and let Ben make his own decisions, the phone calls of delinquent behavior were getting worse, not better. Hopefully his favorite cousin could straighten him back out.
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Scenario A

Ben couldn't find it in himself to regret the fight that he'd been involved with on campus. In his defense, that guy had thrown a punch at him first. He'd just roughed the guy up a bit. That was all. It wasn't like the guy had gotten much worse than some bad bruises.

He sat outside the principal's office while the man talked to his parents about his "increased aggression" (because "decided to finally stick up for himself" made his attacker look bad or something). He swung one leg back and forth as he glared down at the tiles beneath the plastic chair.

Scenario B
Big Chill soared over Venture City, watching the streets below with some interest. It wasn't time yet. Not yet.

The giant blue moth was quickly becoming Ben's go-to alien. He didn't change into anything else anymore. Also, that increased aggression the principal had noticed was coming out in fights with bad guys, growing less and less concerned with how the crooks came out of the fight.

He saw a group of men huddling together, and he watched them, trying to determine if they were planning to start trouble or not.
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Ben wasn't having a good day. He wasn't sure why it wasn't good. It just wasn't and the last place he wanted to be was at school.

As he made his way to the lunch room, pulling money for whatever slop was available for the day out of his wallet, he was knocked to the ground from behind by a couple of stereotypical jocks. The bills scattered in front of him, and he slapped his hand down on them to prevent anyone from taking them. He looked up to glare at his tormentors.

"Whoops! Sorry, Tennyson! Didn't see you there!" the leader of the group mocked, starting to walk by.

Ben had been raised to just ignore the abuse...though he didn't follow that rule when someone else was getting bullied. In this case, however, he'd normally just sweep up his money, get to his feet, and resume walking.

But today? Today, he stretched his hand out a little bit too far to the right as he pulled the money back towards himself, catching the jock's foot, and sending his tormentor sprawling.

"My nose!" came the complaint, muffled by how the jock was clutching at his face.

Ben got up as the jock's entourage flocked around their downed leader. He brushed himself off and started walking.

"My bad," he said coolly as he just kept walking.
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After much searching about 17th-century London, the Omegafriends have found something most unusual indeed! In a basement underneath the Globe Theatre, there is, of all things, a phone booth. Those don't normally go in basements, and oh, there's also that tiny detail of how telephones haven't been invented yet.

Against all odds, the Omegawatch scanner still works, and whoever enters is transported deep underground, to... the Omegabase! In all its totally deserted glory. It's exactly as it was when you left it. The trail of clues have led you to that which you seek!

Oops, did I say totally deserted? Well, not exactly...
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[Hey kids, it's the second weekend in September! Do you know what that means? That means that for all students and seniors, this Saturday and Sunday, admittance to the Venture Spaceport is absolutely free! Come take a guided tour given by one of the astronauts or administrators, take a seat in a genuine authentic training mock-up of a space capsule, and maybe even look at the new rockets under construction, and the models of the plans for even bigger ones.

Of course, the whole complex is open to the rest of the public as well for a nominal fee, as is the on-site MUSEUM OF SPACE, which isn't affiliated with the big museum downtown but instead just contains a lot of space things on loan from other institutions. There's even a Boilerplate Apollo capsule and a real soyuez that carried a famous Canadian astronaut back to earth recently.

And the man of the enterprise? Oh, he's Everywhere today. He's in the astronaut 0-g training pool. He's in the vehicle assembly building. He's on the Vomit comet (Tickets are an extra 150 dollars, to experience 5 30 second bursts of real weightlessness.) And he's always got a big grin and seems pleased to see you, no matter who you are.]
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How exciting, a trip to 17th century London? Such a rare opportunity!

I almost wish it went to Japan instead, however, just to find out what would happen if I came across myself...
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Why is my omegawatch pinging me that I'm late for school. I didn't think I was even signed up for that, but then again I didn't think lions went to school either.

Anyone know what gives? It's not because I got in trouble in Paragon, is it?

[Not that he ever had any intention of going to school in the first place... He's too busy hanging around in the Sigma Spire to do any of that business!

As far as he's concerned, someone is going to have to drag him down there personally before he steps foot near a school. Not after what he's been through at least.]
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As promised, the time portal opens into the London, England of 1611. The evidence seems to back this up - the local fashion, the coins with Queen Elizabeth's face on them, the accents of the residents as they gossip on the streets about William Shakespeare's latest play with the spirits and the comic butler and throw garbage out of their windows and sell questionable sausages on the street corners and so on. The 1600s was/is not a hygienic era for England.

Speaking of local fashion, at least the Omegafriends won't be sticking out much in modern garments of spandex and frills - any outfits worn through will be adapted to a more suitable style of the times. Exactly how suitable seems to be up to the whims of fate - a Pretty Cure outfit might be transformed into an equally ruffly concoction with a long skirt and bustle, or it might become a completely plain and nondescript dress, or it might completely skip out, leaving the heroine in question in the middle of London looking like a member of a travelling circus. Dr. Jefferson's official scientific explanation for this consists of a baffled shrug.

One thing's for sure: Lady Blue has to be here, and that means one thing: Hunting for clues to her presence! A woman towing a building the size of the Omegabase can't have vanished without a trace... right?

[[OOC: Welcome... to the past! Comment anywhere on this post to continue your investigation, chat with each other, or just enjoy the sights of 17th-century London.

There are a number of people who claim to have seen someone matching Lady Blue's description around, and following the leads will eventually lead the group to the Globe. What they'll find if they investigate it... well, stay tuned!]]
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A - Venture Park, closed to Eiji Hino

This city was one strange, dangerous place. If it wasn't one thing keeping him from finding that blasted hobo, it was another. (Mostly, he was choosing to blame that weird purple Greeed for making messes and getting in his way.) But today he was determined to find Eiji Hino. He had reached the limits of how far he could grow while nesting at Joji Yuki's lab, or while huddled shamefully at the bottom of Hina Izumi's purse.

Mind you, Ankh has absolutely no patience left. There is no room for subtlety and stealth in his plans today. "EIJI! HEY! EIJI!!!" So there is now a very noisy floating hand rushing through Venture Park at inappropriate speeds. One that cares not for who he bothers or how much attention he's drawing.

B - Venture City in general

When you're more than just a floating hand, there are more things that you can do. Like actually go into an ice cream shop, purchase multiple ice cream bars (with money that was gotten via earlier pickpocketing, but let's not go there), and sit down to eat them all. Even if they don't taste like anything. Even if they don't feel like anything. They're supposed to taste sweet and feel cold, and maybe if he eats enough of them, he'll get something out of it.

But so far, it's just serving to tick him off, for obvious reasons and for reasons that feel just a few inches outside of his grasp. He looks very, very grumpy, for a man with that much ice cream stacked in front of him.
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A - Text

[Surprisingly, Westar actually does have a Rumblr account. Two of them. One for his regular identity, not really used that much. And one for his alter ego, Hayato. Mostly used for posting and reblogging pictures of food. Because what else would you use this for, right? Today, though, there's a small text post.

It's not private to friends, so anyone is free to respond to it... If they actually want to.]

okay so how can you be sure youre dying?

if it feels like youre dying thats probably enough right? wait does this mean i have to write a will because ive never written a will before. i have no idea what to even write in one. pretty sure that this is what dying feels like though. if i stop posting assume i died.

B - Action

[Despite that little drama, this idiot is not dying. At all.

He isn't looking too good, though. He's lying on a park bench, awfully pale. If you get close enough, you may notice he's sweating.

...Yeah, he just has a fever.

He's holding a pen, staring at a piece of paper that is completely empty... except for the word 'WILL' at the top. All caps, bold.

Guess who has literally never been sick before and is freaking out needlessly? Yeah.]
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school's starting again ( ̄◇ ̄;)

which is bad enough but i got used to being able to do as much hero stuff as possible without having to worry about school

i got my powers and started being a hero just when school ended for summer so now it's started again idk what to do



Sep. 4th, 2014 11:19 am
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[The post is short, but sweet. They aren't the best with this weird tying device]

Hello! Very happy to see. Very nice here! Looking for friends maybe? In parks, so much green! Warm but not too warm, not too bright. Very nice.

Very new. Have not seen this before. Do not know what this is. Maybe phone? Nice!

Please assist.

[Meanwhile, the weirdo typing all this stuff is lingering around a bus stop, potentially worrying the other city goers there who aren't used to seeing seven foot tall veiled bean poles silently giggling at technology. They learned how to make a heart, they're very happy.]


Sep. 3rd, 2014 02:44 pm
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Thanks to someone STEALING the Omegabase (and associated training facilities), Princess Pegasus doesn't have anywhere to practice. On the bright side, heroes of justice always find a way!

So that's why there's an armor-clad, masked heroine practicing in the park today. Over to the side is her pegasus, Sky Dancer, who is watching the proceedings with an air of pained indulgence. Currently, the heroine seems to be in the shadowboxing portion of her regime. Maybe she'd be down to show others? It's worth a shot, right?
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[S] Evolve.

Another lovely morning in Venture City, California. Nothing but blue skies, an ominous airship of some kind, and a few scattered clouds.

Wait back up a bit there.

From the smoking ruin of Viktor's warehouse headquarters rose a huge airship. It looked sort of like a blimp, but it clearly wasn't, as the gasbag was no where near large enough to hold it up on it's own, but some sort of shimmering field was nailing it to the sky.

As it slid ominously across downtown, gas vents along the side started belching out clouds of reddish smoke. The smoke drifted upwards and faded, but the effects were apparent. Already the sun seemed harsher in the sky. If this kept up, it wouldn't be long before going outside was dangerous and painful.

Of course, if any of this was unclear, there was also the booming voice coming from the ship.

"The human body is WEAK. You alter its environment even slightly and it starts to fall apart! A simple compound that degenerates the Ozone layer and suddenly humans can't go outside. A slight increase in ultra violet radiation is all it takes to render this city uninhabitable!

But there is an alternative! I offered you ascension once and you laughed as you spat it back in my face. Now I offer it again! JOIN the Glorious Evolution! Become MORE than merely human! Steel will fix all your flaws! You will rise above the follies of man!

Or stay behind, cling to your decaying flesh, and watch as the world forgets you. The choice is yours."

It seems Sparks' warning came just a hair too late.
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Spark and Zapps didn't really like being imprisoned, but it was worth while for what they could learn. Quite a bit really given everything. Though it was time to use that knowledge and get out of here. For the most part they had stumbled around some and looked to be low energy even as the power was nearing max after just a day. Now it was time to get out of Viktor's base.

"BLADES!" Came as the guards might hear her trying to escape, slicing apart the door that surrounded her. She kicked it forwards before "FISTS" which let her knock away the hapless guards that came at her. She took a few moments as she thought about the escape route before starting off one direction. Lots of guards that way. She looked up along the roof. Weaker here. "ROCKET BARRAGE!" came as the armor core started firing many rocket pods into the roof, blasting it out and sending debris falling to scatter the cyborg minions.

She puts her fists together and her voice splits into what seems like two to those watching. "SYNCHRONIZE!" There was a pained scream before the robot suit shifted, revealing thrusters galore now before it flew through the hole in the top, speeding through the sky before landing on a rooftop some distance away. The Robot suit stretched hard for a moment to the side as the event was removed, leaving a gasping Spark before she went to warn the rest.

Audio Post-Heroes Only

Hey... Oh. Cassid that's rough. Okay, some nutty guy named The Machine Herald's planning on launching this blimp full of some ozone eating chemical. Got my butt handed to me when I went after him alone, so meet me here... sending location. And we'll go after it. I'll give you guys the coordinate of the launch site. Don't think we have much time.

[She sent over the location of the considered base of Viktor, the Machine Herald as where she had landed. She was hopeful that someone who could pick her up would come along. It was rather painful to do it the other way.]
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Late at night on the 30th, there comes a strange post on the Omega Network. The post is made with the account of a super known as Gorgon. What's strange about that is the fact that this particular super has been missing in action for well over a year. So. What's the deal?

If you look closely, the video playing is very jaunty, but it catches the glimpse of a very frustrated looking Tomoki, who has been missing for a few days, himself. He appears to be tied to a ...recliner. The video finally focuses on Doctor Maki and his sinister doll.

cut for length )

[OOC: this is a small plot and most of the people rescuing him have already been established! However, anyone is free to comment, especially people who might know him or knew his missing fiance. If you want to get in on the plot anyway, then shoot me a PM and we can try to work something out! Otherwise this is mostly The Hino family, Rei, and Aya's game.]
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Who: Yang, Blake
What: Asking a question
Where: Around the City
When: August 28th

Read more... )
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[The thing with wanting to become a super-hero and wanting to be recruited into a team like the Omega friends or the Teen Titans?, is someone's actually got to pay attention to you. Ever since her conversation on Rumblr with a certain other rookie hero. Saft got it in her head that she should attempt the vigilante thing once or twice. Sure she wasn't up for stopping any big crimes yet, but something like a bank robbery shouldn't be too hard to handle. Afterall, No one wants the cash they're trying to make a run with set on fire now do they?

Once the parental guardians are fast asleep, Saft decides to raid her wardrobe for something suitable to wear outdoors. Sewing sadly isn't her forte, so for now she dons a black sweater and a black bike helmet she managed to nab off her foster dad, the visor's black enough so no one would be able to make out who she was underneath it.

Once she heads outside however she's just gonna cruise the streets for a while on her bicycle, (YES HER BICYCLE OF ALL THINGS. She's trying to save up for her own car!) Until something unusual catches her eye.]

Geeze, We live in a city full of super heroes and super creeps. I thought the night life would at least picked up at some point.


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