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1st Drive - [Action]

[Having ditched his crashed spaceship in the woods and flown over the city to check things out, Experiment 626 has come to the only somewhat annoying decision that he'd need to blend in when he wasn't having fun. There were a number of heroes here that he could have some fun bullying fighting, but he doesn't want them on his case nonstop. So he needs to not stick out.

An alien invasion movie at a TV store has already shown him that his antennae and spines are a dead ringer, so those have been safely retracted as he wanders the streets. He can't do anything about the fur, but he needs to stash his gear somewhere...

Ducking into an alley, he shrugs off the jetpack and looks for a place he can hide it. Maybe that dog food factory dumpster will work for now.

Climbing onto the edge of the dumpster, he dropped the pack into the garbage and started to cover it so it couldn't be seen. Anyone passing might mistake him for a hungry stray looking for food.]
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...huh. Some kind of stray animal is rooting through that large, smelly vault.

"Hey. Whatcha doing?"
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Cynthia takes a second to peer inside the vault and sniff, only to recoil dramatically.

"Ick! Listen, you really shouldn't be trying to eat that stuff. If you want, I can help you find some real food?"
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"Okay, you gotta promise not to tell anyone, alright?"

With that, she leads the Perfectly Normal Earth Dog into a phonebooth and fiddles with her watch, activating the Secret Omegafriend Tunnel.


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Well, don't mind Cynthia, she's just dropping into the tunnel before putting a mask on and doing a fancy pose to summon her armor. There's a slight pause as she considers Normal Dog and draws something out of her pocket.

"Here, wear this! It's standard etiquette to wear a mask in the Omegabase."
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Huh. Earth dogs have weird accents. Oh well! There's not really all that much more to say, and the trip doesn't really take that long, so shortly after Normal Dog puts on his mask they arrive.

"Alright, let's go find a vending machine!"
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Look who's sitting over by the vending machines, snacking on an icecream treat.

"What's that thing?" He pops the rest of his icecream bar into his mouth, peering at the little blue monster.
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Princess Pegasus blinks a little. Why was that lion talking twice? Weird.

"Oh, this is, uh...Bluehound! I'm giving him a tour of the Omegabase."

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"I don't think it's a hound. Much less a dog." His nostrils flare, taking in the scent of this blue creature. Smelled funny.

"Maybe he's a mutant wombat? A mutant wombat who can stick to glass...?"
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"What? No, he's obviously a dog with super powers. And why are you saying everything twice, anyway?"

With that, she goes over to operate the vending machine for Bluehound, Who Is Totally A Dog With Super Powers.

"Hey, you want jerky bits or ice cream?"
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"Meaty goodness! A dog after my own heart, indeed!"

A slight pause as she scans the offerings.

"...huh. No bear meat. Let's get the regular stuff, then!"

A few button presses later, and she's presenting 626 a bag of tender beef jerky pieces.
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"I don't know what you're talking about..." And his eyes are more focused on Stitch, a low rumble emitting from deep in his chest, his fur bristling ont he back of his neck.

'Dangerous' And anyone who can understand animals just as they are may hear that, just reverberating in his short growl as he stares at 626.

"He doesn't smell like a dog. He doesn't smell like anything I've ever smelled before. And dog's don't come in blue. Or talk. Or..." Okay. The thing talks, which means he understands english. Which means he's not going to mention that he stinks.
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"Your face is going to get stuck that way..." He murmurs, then looks over to the girl.

'Who're you?' He sniffs towards her as well. 'Wonder if she has a power...?'
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"I'm Princess Pegasus! And I don't have any powers yet - besides healing really fast, anyway."
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He doesn't exactly move out of the way, too busy trying to register what Pegasus is talking about.

"How did you know what I was thinking?" He stares at Pegasus, then pulls his lips back when the paper rapper hits him. He turns his head, baring teeth at the stupid koala monster.

"Cut it out, gremlin." Yeah, you look like one of those movie monsters too.