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First Mission: Text

[Summer vacation was always a fun time, wasn't it?

Ramza, though, was... worried. This summer vacation would not give Ramza any more excuses. He wouldn't be able to spend his time studying - 'twas time to become a Beoulve.

So, on the Omegafriend Network? A text post comes though. Ramza isn't quite ready to show his face.]

Recently, Beoulve retired. But 'tis common - those older heroes may remember the one before him retiring as well. I am the newest Beoulve, as dictated by the methods they are chosen.

It is an honour to work with you. Though I'm young, I shall prove myself yet.

[A few moments pass, and another message soon appears.]

What does it mean to be a hero? 'Tis something I've wondered, raised among those who dedicate their lives to others.
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text - she has no idea how keyboards work, hover for translation

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ooo ooo ooo i know11

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"Oh, thanks, it was really hard to use that gizmobob with my gauntlets on. And we're practically the same age! I'm Princess Pegasus!"
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Cynthia is a lot of things - including an actual princess - but a lady is not one of them.

"Because if I took my gauntlets off, I wouldn't be Princess Pegasus any more, I'd be a normal person! And normal people don't have Omegawatches!"