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When the feed starts up, it shows only an extreme closeup of someone's eyeball, accompanied by the booming voice of someone with their mouth far too close to the microphone.

" this thing working?"

There's a slight pause as whoever is behind the camera waits for an answer. Eventually, something occurs to her and she pulls back out of the view, revealing a young girl wearing metal armor and a mask.

"Heyo! I'm Princess Pegasus, new Omegafriend! Today's my first day, so I thought I'd introduce myself!"

STRIKING A COOL POSE (it's not actually all that cool, it's more like what a fifteen year old girl would think is cool)
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Joachim is always happy to meet a new ally of justice! ...And lets face it his sense of cool is not all that far off from the sense of cool of a fifteen year old girl. He starts off his reply with a completely ridiculous twirl super awesome spin and POSE!

"You've got spirit, Princess Pegasus! I, GRAND PAPILLON, am glad to welcome you to the team!"
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Modesty has never been Grand Papillon's forte. He just soaks up flattery like a sponge. A huge grinning sponge.

"Of course it is! I've had years to perfect it!"
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"It's all in the hips! ...Well, mostly in the hips! That big arm gesture wasn't just to look cool, it's also a way to keep your balance!"

He does it again, but slower. Well. Sort of slower? Momentum is also an important part of looking cool while not falling over.

"Now you give it a try!"
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Joachim winces in sympathy. That looked like it hurt. Good attitude, though! Plenty of HEROIC VIM AND VIGOR and this is to be soundly encouraged!

"Almost had it, but you'd better not try that one on a roof just yet!"
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"...Although I guess that depends on how far you can fall! Got any fancy tricks up your sleeve?"

There's more to any hero than a cool costume and awesome poses, after all!
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"For now? Well, that's a pretty good start, if you ask me! I haven't seen a summoner in quite some time!"

He hasn't seen a good summoner in quite some time would be a more accurate statement, but why split hairs?
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"I don't see why not! Lots of magic-workers specialize like that!"