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When the feed starts up, it shows only an extreme closeup of someone's eyeball, accompanied by the booming voice of someone with their mouth far too close to the microphone.

" this thing working?"

There's a slight pause as whoever is behind the camera waits for an answer. Eventually, something occurs to her and she pulls back out of the view, revealing a young girl wearing metal armor and a mask.

"Heyo! I'm Princess Pegasus, new Omegafriend! Today's my first day, so I thought I'd introduce myself!"

STRIKING A COOL POSE (it's not actually all that cool, it's more like what a fifteen year old girl would think is cool)
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[Lineface. So much lineface. And he's just going to...fumble with this communicator thing they gave him even though he refused to join the team proper, and why won't it shut off, what is he even doing, stupid technology, maybe she won't spot him before he can get away...]
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There's a long sigh as he is forced to admit to himself that his attempts to shut this darn thing off have failed.

"No. I'm not."
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This earns Cynthia a very long stare. Shirogane is silent throughout this entire bit of "logic," though he can't help but twitch a little as she speaks.

"You know," he says once he's managed to find words again after bearing witness to this logic train chugging along, "they do give these things out to the independent heroes in town." There. That's as good as going out and saying it, right?
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He nods. Why is she disappointed?

"That's right. I work on my own."
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"I don't do team-ups." He just...kind of poked at the watch they'd given him sometimes, and then he got into conversations he didn't want to have.
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"Some of us do better outside of teams. Fewer people in the way then." Nope, he's a lone wolf, and that's that. So stubborn.
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"Not any moreso than any other part of the body." He doesn't get it.
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"...I'll bet you do."

How is he supposed to deal with this? HOW?
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But Shirogane would prefer it if the conversation were under control, because that would mean he knew what was going on! "I don't need that rubbing off, thanks."

That is probably the most insincere "thanks" he's ever mustered.
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"I have. Right here, right now. Because I have heard of myself." Maybe if he keeps insisting, she'll finally get the message!
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There are no words at this. Just a facepalm, and an exasperated sigh.