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Ah... So, in a competitive system where each individual begins with the same opportunities and outcome is influenced only by skill and motivation to succeed - but success is necessarily attained at the expense of others - what characteristics would disqualify an individual from competing altogether?

I ask out of curiosity, as the conditions of a certain ongoing contest seem to parallel those of the world at large. People tend to characterize those who fail to participate in society as lazy or degenerate, but in reality it is the collective that decides whether an individual may compete - and that decision generally has little to do with ability.

My hypothesis is that human beings are not actually comfortable with participating in such a system, but must be convinced and trained to do so. Rejecting those who, for whatever reason, do not fit the competitive model is part of that process.

[ action post, later, at the Gold Mill ]

Sherri didn't go much for dancing, but he did enjoy orchestras and jazz music. More than that, the jazz club was a good place to sit and think about recent events with just the right amount of distraction. In any case, the atmosphere seems perfect for slightly-melancholy contemplation and being mysterious while wearing a snazzy suit. If anyone approaches him they will find that he is quite open to company, though.

[ less mundane action post, even later, anywhere in the city ]

Someone might have taken that audio post as an invitation - or perhaps they just really wanted to offer some intellectual criticism in the form of punching. Hopefully they won't forget to keep their crit (re)constructive!
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A, audio

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"...I have no idea what any of that means."
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"Oh, that's easy! They aren't huge, stupid jerkfaces."
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"Well, that's my criteria for beating someone up, at least. I don't pretend to understand what actual jerkfaces use."
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"Well, if they aren't, like...hurting people all the time like a supervillain is, that's a pretty good sign!"

She's bad at the cerebral stuff, okay?