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1st Transformation [Action // Open]

I swear you have the worst timing for a watch.

[Ben points accusingly at the green-and-black watch on his wrist whose face is currently red. As much as he'd like to help with the search for the transmitter Dr. Devious announced, right now getting a handle on his new alien powers ranks a little higher. He's not going to be very effective if he can't control his transformations.]

[Too bad the stupid alien watch likes trolling him.]

[So here he is on the roof of a building, the rooftop access door locked, and he's waiting for the watch to recharge to see if it'll be kind enough to give him something that can fly off of this thing.]

[With nothing to do but wait, he sits on the parapet, chin in his hand and thoroughly annoyed with the world.]
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...oh dear, that looks bad. Luckily PRINCESS PEGASUS is on the case! She'll her pegasus to fly over to him. And then she'll begin the tricky stuff, because whoever this boy is, he's obviously in a delicate mental state and needs to be treated carefully.

"Please, citizen, don't do anything hasty! You have your ENTIRE LIFE ahead of you!"

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Now the question is whether to tackle him away from the edge of the roof or try and talk him down.

"Yeah, she is!"

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Were she aware of these analogies, she'd probably say that doesn't sound very stable, a separate part of your body developing a brain and all that. But she's not aware.

"I'm working on it, but she vetoed Power Wing so I'm not really sure what else would work."

So this is what comes out of her mouth instead.
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"I'm Princess Pegasus!"

Yes. Really.
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"I'm a princess and a Pegasus Knight, so I just put them together!"

It is apparently an incredibly straightforward one.
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"Ooo, that sounds cool - WAIT NO."


"This conversation is supposed to be about you! YOU SHOULDN'T THROW YOUR LIFE AWAY."
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"Really? Huh."

She appears to be thinking about something.

"...but if you live here, shouldn't you have a key or something?"
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Princess Pegasus goes through this chain of logic very carefully.

"On the off chance that your parents...might move here, someday, you...broke in here, climbed to the roof to admire the view without informing anyone, and got...locked out."

Sudden grin.

"Man, I know what that's like!"
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"Well, let's get you down from here, citizen! Here, you can just kind of...scootch up behind me..."

Shifting a bit so Ben can clamber onto the pegasus.

"Oh, but be careful - she bites!"
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As Ben climbs up, the pegasus neighs, and Princess Pegasus frowns in response.

"Ugh, sorry about her. You know how it is with pegasi and males, right?"
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Up close, it becomes slightly more obvious that her mask was made for someone else entirely, as it doesn't quite fit right.

"Apparently they just hate the way you all smell?"
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"Like I said, she bites! Just don't go near her mouth and it should be fine!"
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"'Course not! It's PERFECTLY SAFE, citizen!"

So safe, in fact, that they are already at ground level. People are staring at the pegasus, even.

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