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[Action, Myoudouin Dojo and surrounding areas, 3pm]

At seven AM, Parley had staggered in from her ten hour flight from London, dragged her various suitcases into the guest room they had leant her, and passed out on the bed for eight hours. Now, it's mid afternoon and she is awake once more. Time to explore her new home, and possibly even some of the surrounding neighborhoods. Surely nothing can go wrong on literally her first day in America!

[That evening, video.]

Parley is wearing a domino mask and a blue and grey uniform of some kind, and speaks with a bit of a British accent.

"Tadah! It's Mystery Lass!"

She gives the screen a self-effacing grin, "Okay, so it's a pretty lame name. I'm still working on it. But they gave me this neato communicator watch, so there's no way I could resist giving it a shot! Plus I slept all day after the plane ride and I'm kinda wired right now. Who else is out there?"
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As Parley is wandering around, she might notice a girl with blue hair done up in pigtails trying (and failing) to open a can of soda.

The girl herself definitely notices Parley, and proceeds to get all up in her grill. (Respectfully, of course!)

"Um, excuse me? Do you know how to work this thing?"

The 'thing' in question being...a pulltop.
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"Nope! We never had these things back home, really."
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Cynthia takes a second to reply, since she's busy staring appreciatively at the can.

"...oh! I'm from Wales! Cynthia Sanctaiddgwaywffon, at your service!"
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"There's fizzy drinks! We just don't have, you know...cans."

A pause so she can sip, hum appreciatively, and remember something.

"Oh, right - apparently people around here have trouble pronouncing Sanctaiddgwaywffon, so officially I'm just using the direct translation - Holylance!"
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Sure, let's go with that.

"Nowheresville, Wales, that's me!"

Pause and siiiip.

"...are you from around here?"
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Pause. Blink.

"...you're not? I was just trying to make conversation."
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"Ooo! London, that's in..."


"France, right?"

nailed it
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Cynthia shifts a little at Parley's stare.

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"I am too from Wales! I just...never went to a normal school, that's all!"

Technically true.

Cynthia is terrible at lying.
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"...it's that easy to figure out, huh?"
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"...you said it yourself. I never went to school."

Technically true. Cynthia is avoiding eye contact like a champ, though.
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"Hey! There's lots of interesting things in Wales! Like badgers and and bird's nests and sometimes I got to meet horses!"

Still avoiding eye contact (it makes it easier to evade the truth).

"I just, you know...didn't get to meet normal people."
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"It's good to meet you, Parley!"

Back to being bouncy and happy.