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#001 - Action

[Did you know that National Donut Day was a thing? Because Westar didn't. Or at least, he didn't until about an hour ago, when he overheard some people mention it. And, well... What was he supposed to do, just ignore it? No, that wouldn't be his style.

So instead he went to Venture City's popular donut shop, The Hole Thing, and bought all of the donuts.

This sounds like a comical exaggeration.

It isn't.

Westar, in his Hayato disguise, can be found in the park. Surrounded by boxes and boxes of donuts. Seriously, stacks of them. There's basically a fort of donut boxes in the middle of the park. A few boxes are already empty by now and he's already working his way through the next one. With impressive speed, at that. You might be thinking to yourself that it is literally impossible to eat all those donuts by yourself, but... He sure is trying his best.

...More importantly, how did he even afford all those donuts? Maybe it's better not to know.

Approach the strange, donut-obsessed weirdo at your own risk.]
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"Oh wow, a box fort!"

It's only after appreciating the architecture - nay, the sheer artistry - of the fort that Cynthia realizes there's totally a guy in the middle of the fort and that he's eating stuff from the boxes.

"...hey, what are those round things you're eating?"
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Is that...a bad thing?
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Cynthia plucks it out of his hand, looking curious. She sniffs it a little before shrugging and biting in, freezing as soon as she does. With wide eyes, she stares down at the donut and chews slowly before swallowing.

The rest of it is gone within thirty seconds.
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"Please be my friend!"
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"If you're my friend, I can learn even more about donuts, right?!"

She makes a wide, expansive gesture, taking in the stacks and stacks of pastries.

"I want to know everything about them."