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[Appearing on the Omeganet for the first time, shortly after her first victory: A ridiculous magical girl!]

Is this real? IT'S REAL! A real Omegawatch, and it's mine! I'm an Omegafriend! This is so awesome!

Hello, Omegafriends, I'm Cure Marine! If you know Cure Blossom or Cure Moonlight, I'm their new team member! I'm gonna help out with the whole evil-defeating thing from now on!


[Later, barging into the Omegabase: The second-smallest Omegafriend on file! Probably!]

[You can just see the stars in them eyes.]


So this is the Omegabase, huh? What kind of cool Omegastuff do we have hanging around here?

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This particular Omegafriend would also be starry-eyed, but the eyeholes on her mask are opaque. She makes up for this with unrestrained energy, however, so it evens out.

"There is so much cool stuff here! So much."
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"There was this one guy, and he had this...I dunno, it kind of looked like a little paving stone? And it was glowing and showing all these words, and apparently it was a book! And he just touched the glowy part and it was like turning a page."

...that is just a tablet with an ebook reader.
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"...isn't a kindle just a group of kittens?"


"Does your sister have kittens? Can I meet the kittens?"
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"Woooow! Even the books here are amazing!"